Parts used to be ordered mainly by telephone and by mail. The process of digitisation pushes on, and that is also the case for the many webshops that are arising. Webshops fulfil a need.

Because of those technological developments in the past years, Steenks Service decided, at the beginning of 2019, to position itself online as well. And that is how their trilingual webshop started. This shop is open and available 24/7.

Parts can be easily ordered online. Sander Zuidgeest, co-owner of Steenks Service: "Deliveries are done worldwide and we use a track & trace system. This makes it easier for customers and faster to find and order a part."

Sander: "We sell parts of all the machines we have in our sales assortment. So the question is which parts don't you have, rather than which parts do you have. From brushes for our Stefix 135 to axes and flange rollers for tubular rail carts. We have a total of over 1,900 different parts in our webshop, of which we have a lot in stock as well."

Which part is most popular?
Sander: "The most popular part has been the traction battery for tubular rail carts and spray trolleys, for years. Next in line are the flange rollers for the rail carts. The traction battery, thanks to its sturdy construction, lasts a long time. This battery was built with a tube plate technology and that ensures its high capacity and long lifespan. Because we've been supplying this quality battery for a very long time, it's loved by many growers."

The battery can be ordered in Steenks Service's webshop. "At the moment we're having a promotion in which you get a €10 discount when you order this battery through the webshop. The promotion runs until December 31."

For more information about the webshop:
Steenks Service 
+31 0174 510 266