With a background of more than 30 installations in Israel, South Korea, Mauritius and the Philippines, the TAPKIT hydroponic systems is now celebrating the first installation in Houston Texas. The TAPKIT is a 500 m2 hydroponic unit, which can produce 6-12 tons of leafy vegetables and fresh herbs per year. It includes a growing system, packing station and plant nursery. 

Due to the COVID-19, all the installation process and the operation training, was done remotely. The day to day operation is supported by i-Droponix. This mobile app contains all the information needed, including crop advice on specific climate conditions, water quality and hundreds of FAQs 

"As the TAPKIT offers affordable solution for the "farm to table" trend in the USA, we see great potential for it all around the state," says Avner Shohet, CEO of TAPKIT.

Over the last couple of years, 4 models of TAPKIT were created. "For different types of climate areas," Avner explains: "Sub-tropic, Tropic, desert and cold areas." 

"With small adoptions to each climate, we are looking for the most ecological way to grow, by using the sun-light, recycling the water , and minimizing any effect on the environment."

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