Productions characterized by a strong territorial identity can use innovative tools to track the origin of their products. This is why Rosso Gargano, the tomato brand made in Apulia, teamed up with the Abruzzo-based Dick Trace, a startup led by women and founded by Anna Rita Mastrangelo. This new partnership aims at increasing awareness among consumers about the origin of food products and the supply chains involved.

Domenico Demaio and Andrea Demaio, owners of the Rosso Gargano brand

"As a further guarantee for our customers, we decided to combine a traditional production, such as tomatoes, with an innovative startup. Consumers of Rosso Gargano's peeled tomatoes, dates, passata and ready-made sauces will be able to enter the website owned by the startup Dick Trace, by manually entering the barcode or scanning it," said Giuseppe Stasi, national sales director at Rosso Gargano. 

This allows to track and verify the origin of the product and the areas where the tomatoes purchased are grown. With only a few clicks, the customer can access the website via smartphone and use the web app to scan the barcode label directly, or search for the products by name, barcode, company name or product type.

Ninety percent of the long tomato production is grown in the fields of Tavoliere delle Puglie, in the province of Foggia.

All these crops are cultivated in the lands owned by the brand, combining the agricultural and the industrial aspects, with a focus on quality.

Rosso Gargano has grown stronger over the last ten years, increasing exports that represent about 50% of the total turnover of 36 million, up by 5%. Of the 52 countries reached, Japan is the geographical area where the largest quantities of tomatoes grown and processed by the Foggia-based company are consumed. The other destinations include Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia.

In terms of assortment and volumes, there are 60 million cans available in different types and packages, ranging from the classic Passata di Pomodoro, Pelati di Puglia Salsati and Pelati di Puglia Salsati con Basilico, to specialties such as Pomodorini, Datterini, and diced tomatoes.

"The year 2020 was a difficult one due to the pandemic, which led to the closure of the Ho.Re.Ca channels. Despite the challenges encountered in the 2019/20 production campaign, with nearly halved yields, we achieved important goals, especially in the Italian large-scale retail trade," concluded Giuseppe Stasi.

A further 8% growth is expected for 2021, which could also be higher, thanks to the push of a new line of glass-filled products that will flank the ready-made sauces line.

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