While many growers may view the substrate, nutrients and water as the major determinants of crop success, we may overlook the very thing that holds it all together: pots. Aiming to provide growers with innovative potting solutions that favor root health, Plantlogic is constantly finding new ways to innovate upon the square and round pots of old.

Established in 2013, Plantlogic specializes in the development and production of horticultural pots for substrate-based production of soft fruit, various tree crops, vegetables and, most recently, release of its “Kratos” slab base. "Our lineup is only limited by growers’ imaginations, as our products are driven by the demands of customers. Our designs support customer ideas and feedback. These custom solutions fit every goal and budget," says Ana Cristina Garcia, marketing manager at Plantlogic. "When one of our growers wanted a different type of 7L pot for raspberry production but with specific dimensions for cold storage, and to hold irrigation pipes, we found a way to make it work."

Substrate production and root health
“The biggest difference between us and our competitors is the careful consideration for the needs of substrate production and root health – such as careful consideration of how water flows through the pot resulting in the pyramid base, whose shape ensures airflow to the center of the roots and drains water at the edges - our trademark long legs – temperature control and labor savings,” says Ana.

Proof of Plantlogic’s commitment to innovative product design is the company’s Zephyr V2, which was meticulously designed to balance moisture and aeration in the root zone. With its jagged sidewall shape, the Zephyr V2 improves root architecture by preventing the compaction and spiraling of roots. Also unique is the Zephyr’s bottom, which has non-draining central holes and a pyramidal base to increase oxygen uptake, force water to the edges and minimize the wetted area. “We think about the optimal way to drain water, so we always keep that in mind,” says Ana. The Zephyr V2 also has the tallest legs at 70mm, and wider base of any horticultural pot. “We listed to our customers’ feedback on the previous designs and went back to the drawing table, and have developed a completely new product.”

Similarly, the Kratos slab base allows hydroponic growers using slabs to properly support the slab, improve drainage through its V-shape, utilizing a low cost yet open-flow gutter design with no legs standing within the gutter to obstruct flushing.

Plantlogic's Kratos slab base (left) and Zephyr V2 (right) 

Plantlogic’s pot anchors are simply another response to growers’ concerns over plants being blown over by wind or during mechanical harvesting. “Our pot anchors system has sufficient stability to remain upright under strong winds. The rigidity of the anchor enables holds the pot securely, allowing them to use machinery to harvest, without tipping the pot, and is easy to install,” explains Ana.

With its products being based on customer demands and strong customer relationships, Plantlogic’s products have been well received and are used across the Americas, Africa, Oceania, Europe and China.

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