Situated strategically at the crossroads of America, Pure Green Farms is set to begin growing, packaging and distributing fresh leafy greens in February of 2021. The new 4-acre hydroponic indoor farm built by Bom Group will employ the most advanced technology available in a safe and sustainable environment year-round. South Bend Indiana is home to the new large-scale facility, which plans to supply over 8 million retail units in their first year with room to quadruple in size in the future.

Operations at Pure Green Farms are the most efficient in the greenhouse sector.  With the use of sun and minimal reliance on artificial light, energy efficiency is maximized. As the greens grow, automated gutters move and adjust to allow for increased spacing between plants thus achieving space efficiency throughout the facility. Labor efficiency is significantly improved through their automatic seeding, harvesting and packing technology, which results in a hand-free process. This holistic efficiency-farming approach has shaped Pure Green Farms’ vision for bringing fresh produce to their consumer in an innovate way.

Photos of the building progress last month, when Green Automation was installing their fully automated growing system that will be used for the growth of leafy greens.

No human hands
“We’re excited to grow our leafy greens right here in the Midwest all year long. Our growing and packing systems will be the most advanced in the industry, allowing for no human hands touching the product,” says Joe McGuire, CEO of Pure Green Farms. “This will not only help streamline our process, but also gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting their greens safely and sooner for a better-quality experience.”

The highest standards of food safety are upheld while allowing this farm to operate economically and at excellent speed. Pure Green Farms, a vertically integrated company, will deliver product to the shelf significantly faster than traditionally grown greens. The indoor farm environment is pesticide-free and uses less water than traditional farms, meaning greens will be fresher, crispier and have a longer shelf life. Unique, high-quality varieties distributed to a select region will minimize shrink and overall waste to make Pure Green Farms one of the most sustainable farms in the country that provides the consistent supply that customers expect. 

Look for product launch in February 2021.