The tomato market is quiet. Sales to the hotel and catering industry have largely disappeared in many countries, which means that exports are at a standstill. “The UK and Poland are still asking for some tomatoes, but in general it is quite quiet,” says Peter Parms of Rotom Tomatoes. Prices have fallen considerably due to the loss of part of the demand. “We had very good prices a few weeks ago, but prices are now under pressure. This is also because Spanish tomatoes are on the market again. ”

Peter Parms, Tom De Winter and Philippe Degré from Rotom Tomatoes

Rotom supplies the majority of tomatoes to the retail sector. “That's where we are lucky at the moment,” says Peter. “The supermarkets are open in all countries, which means we can supply good volumes to the retail sector. Not as much volume as in the hoarding weeks during the first lockdown, but supermarkets continue to demand tomatoes. The corona virus has completely turned the market upside down. This year we have a market full of peaks and troughs, we cannot draw a straight arrow. We have the holidays in six weeks. It is difficult to predict how demand will evolve, while it is still uncertain whether the restaurants will be allowed to open. We can only wait and see. ”

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