In this year marked by important business changes, Molari Berries & Breeding is working with its entire team for this new season. However, making forecasts in such an unprecedented year is not easy.

"On the whole we are largely satisfied with how the company was able to face 2020 and its achievements," from a company note. Our formula is simple and articulated. We work through the network, bringing together all the main players of the supply chain, from our planting plan to the final farmer, and all players from the large-scale distribution industry".

On the left Halley, on the right flowers of Prime-Ark 45

"Moreover, one of the things that distinguishes us is the constant research of novelties to propose on the market.

Blackberry novelties

The blackberry is a growing sector, where the interest of the consumer and the large-scale retail trade is constantly increasing. Finally, after some initial slowdowns, Molari has two new products available exclusively for the Italian market.

Ouachita, blackberry, with medium-late ripening, thornless and very productive. The taste is the most distinguishing feature of this variety of blackberry, extremely adaptable and considered a real standard of reference by the growers of many areas in the world.

Matteo and Luca Molari

Natchez is also a thornless variety, but medium to early ripening. It is extremely productive, with elongated fruits, large size (over 9 gr), good taste and excellent shelf life. The two varieties are paired with the now famous Prime-Ark 45, a real gem among the floricane-fruiting blackberries.

"On the blueberry side, the two varieties Titanium and MegasBlue, which innovate and improve the current panorama, are also available on the market, exclusively for Italy and among a few in Europe".

The Molari Berries team. From left, Matteo and Luca Molari, Monia Dall'Ara and Alessandro Gualandi

In addition to the well-known Enrosadira, Castion and Aurora, this year a new variety from the plant breeding program has been added to the Molari's raspberry production, known as Halley, suitable for Italian and European farmers in search of novelty. A  very early floricane-fruiting variety, (a few days after Enrosadira), characterized by the total absence of thorns, which favors all agronomic operations. It has medium-sized, upright canes, with very abundant flowering and conical, large-sized fruit (6 gr).

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