Fargro announces its partnership with international horticultural supplier, Ridder. They will distribute Ridder's extensive range of environmental control and water treatment systems.

In their 65-year history, Ridder has been developing future proof solutions that enable horticultural business and suppliers to work towards a fully automated and intelligent growing environment. Ridder water treatment systems offer a cost-effective way of reintegrating drain water containing a large proportion of fertilisers back into grower’s greenhouse irrigation systems. These water treatment solutions not only help to build toward a more effective, sustainable and accurate water management solution but also offer cost-effective solution for those within the horticultural sector.

Ridder can provide a tailor made solution to every greenhouse project, resulting in perfect solutions for the regulation of moisture within grower’s crops which in turn results in a better uptake of nutrients and higher crop yields. “We are pleased to be working alongside Fargro Ltd to further distribute our water treatment products, so that growers really can achieve their ambitions and make their projects as successful as possible,” says Ridder International Sales Manager, Arjen Janmaat

“Being able to supply our growers within the  horticultural and agricultural sectors a future proof water treatment technology system that not only allows for a better management of greenhouse irrigation systems but also aiding in the transition towards a more efficient and above all sustainable production method is something we are looking forward to within our new partnership with Ridder,” says Fargro Sales Director, Dan Pulling.

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