Sweeping machines allow you to effectively and efficiently sweep up fine dust and dirt so that you are assured of clean greenhouses. Thanks to the powerful suction motor of the sweeping machines, fine dust is vacuumed up without any effort, and without the risk of the dust settling again later. Are you looking for a sweeping machine with a large capacity? With the Steenks Service Stefix 125, the company introduces their most powerful sweeping machine.

Fast and efficient sweeping
Sweeping concrete paths and seeds of weeds in the greenhouse with an ordinary broom is extremely time-consuming. Besides, there is a chance that it is not done accurately. The brush of the Stefix 125 sweeps all the dirt quickly and carefully underneath the machine, where it vacuums it up. The sweeping machine also has an electric filter shaker for optimal dust control. This keeps the fine dirt in the container and makes sure you sweep completely dust-free.

Features of the Stefix 125 sweeping machine
The properties of the Stefix 125 differ slightly from the other models of our range of sweeping machines. The Stefix 125 is equipped with one side brush that has a sweeping width of 1,250 mm. As an option, the sweeping machine can be extended with an extra side brush, giving the machine a maximum sweeping width of 1,350 mm.

The sweeping machine has a dirt container with a capacity of 350 liters and a filter surface of 8.5 m2. Because the sweeping capacity is no less than 10,000 square meters per hour, the Stefix 125 is ideal for cleaning and keeping concrete pathways clean.

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