In March and April, Trump Coir Products was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic for four weeks. “Luckily, we bounced back with a vengeance, thanks to the strict and well implemented controls imposed by the government,” says Thushara Kudakumbura, director of the Sri Lankan coir company.

“We were able to train our staff and educate them well, and carry on thus far. Also, we had the ability to pay our staff well, based on our year end performance.” The productivity and order flow were found unhindered, in fact even growing, and Trump Coir had the advantage of securing new customers and innovating new products.

To facilitate the enhanced demand, the company invested in an additional growbag machine, and updated the sieving facility. This approach enabled them to increase their turnover, enhance the productivity while remaining their quality control procedures and client relationships.

“We look forward to the future with much enthusiasm and positivity amidst the current uncertainty, with confidence to adapt and battle through turbulent times.”

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