In January 2020 Country Herbs & Plants in the UK started with the ISO Cutting and TransPlanter machine from ISO Group. The machine that gives the grower the opportunity to stick cuttings and transplant young plants into pots using the same machine.

David Niebug next to the the ISO Cutting and TransPlanting machine

Country Herbs which is based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, is a niche grower specializing in herbs with a few peripheral crops for interest. Country Herbs is the largest herb specialist supplying the UK Garden Centre sector. Growing in scale gives us certain advantages in what is a competitive industry and world but we remain a niche, family business which with 25 years under our belt is very much looking ahead at the next 25 years.

The ISO Cutting and TransPlanter machine gives David Nieburg the possibility to fulfill that ambition.

"With the machine of ISO Group I need less staff to stick my cuttings. Finding the right people to stick cuttings by hand is very difficult, with the ISO Cutting and TransPlanter I can offer people a job that focusses more on quality at high output then sticking the cuttings by hand."

For Country Herbs as a mid-size grower the ISO Cutting and TransPlanter is an ideal combination. With the ability of the machine to transplant young plugs into pots as well I don’t have to buy another expensive transplanter as well and this gives me the flexibility to use the machine for two purposes.

"ISO Group helped me with the setup and exploring the possibilities of this combination machine for Country Herbs."

The machines of ISO Group are mostly known for their machines in the annuals and bedding plant industry. “We are continuously working on new gripper techniques and developing our software to increase the sorts and varieties we can stick and handle with our machines. "With these developments we are able to handle the cuttings and plants of Country Herbs and we see more opportunities for all sorts of other plants”, says Raymond van den Berg of ISO Group.

The combination of sticking cuttings and transplanting plugs makes this machine highly versatile and dynamic giving mid-size growers the option to automate their planting process.

“As a grower I now have the opportunity to decide how I want to plant the cuttings. Of course there has been a learning curve with getting to know the machine and it’s possibilities. But as time goes by, we can further explore the machines capabilities using it to stick more different plant varieties. I can now let the machine do the sticking and focus on other parts of the company”, says David Nieburg.

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