Dutch pepper grower NH Peppers has successfully moved to Multigrow stone wool slabs with a height of 10 cm. Previously NH Peppers of Mr. Marcel Numan used slabs of 7,5 cm high. “The lower part of 3 cm in the slab is useless” says Marcel Numan, “This lower part remains too wet and contains larger roots, which contribute less to the plant growth and production. So, in case of a 7,5 cm slab only 50% is effectively used. In case of a 10 cm slab, 2/3 of the slab is effectively used”.

Numan choose Multigrow Premium slabs from Benfried, mainly because of previous good experience with it. In the Multigrow Premium a formaldehyde free binder is used. “This binder is made of an organic -starch like- product and not from fossil fuels. This why this organic binder is an environmental friendly and sustainable product. With the absence of any harmful contents to plants the root development is stronger” clarifies Charles Vijverberg, stone wool specialist at Benfried.

Better results
Because Numan wants to create a level playfield in order to draw the right conclusion, he has one irrigation section still with the former used stone wool of 10 cm height as well. He explains: “I want to see for myself how my plants react under similar conditions in my greenhouse with the higher substrate. That is why I want to use both stone wool brands to compare”. Grower Numan counts the formed fruits in both stone wool brands used. “Every 5 days we go round in the greenhouse and count newly formed fruits precisely. From the plants growing in the Multigrow Premium we harvest 69 pieces per 10m2. Up to early June we had 10% more fruit. The fruit weight is approximately 2 grams lower, which still results in 9% overall more production”. Marcel Numan is very satisfied with the quality of the roots in the Multigrow Premium. He cuts open one slab. “There is more oxygen around the roots, they are better formed throughout the slab and the structure of the roots themselves is better,” he concludes.

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