An agronomist is one of the major occupations today as these specialists are in high demand in newly opening greenhouse complexes, nurseries and conservatories. That is why young people willingly chose this occupation. So did Alexander Tarasenko, who has completed a course in agronomy in the Far East State Agricultural University.

Alexander joined Teplichny in 2012. He started as a fitter and a mechanic. Within three years of his employment, the management figured out his interest into agronomy and suggested he get a respective higher education. Alexander entered the university easily at the same time mastering the occupation in practice; he has been promoted to the position of the assistant supervisor in the tomato department.

Thanks to the developments in high tech technology, agronomy has made a huge step forward and therefore the occupation he has chosen is very interesting and has high potential, considers the agronomist of Teplichny, Mr. Alexander Tarasenko.

“The chief agronomist always sets the targets clearly and I’ve been trying to reach it at full extend. The most difficult part is worrying over the crops, making sure everything is alright and nothing goes wrong with the plants and the greenhouses.”

Alexander has a lot on his plate. In a contemporary greenhouse of 4 ha they grow tomatoes, flower seedlings, greenery (several varieties of lettuce, basil, coriander. The newly appointed agronomist is responsible not only for the plants but also for the people working there. He takes care of the labor safety, watering quality control, lighting, and ventilation as well as monitoring technology compliance.

“An agronomist should be confident, be able to stand the point. Without that one cannot have good crops”, shares Alexander. “It is a difficult and meticulous job but that’s the one I have chosen.”