Between January and June 2020, total Spain’s sales abroad of fruit and vegetables grow in value, but fall in volume. During the same period, exports to the United Kingdom grow by 9% in value and 1% in volume.

The export of Spanish fruits and vegetables has grown by 9.5% in value between January and June with respect to the same period of the previous year, totaling 8,564 million euros, although, in terms of volume it has suffered a decrease of 3.5%, remaining at 7.2 million tons.

The export of vegetables has risen by 5.5% in value, reaching 3,728 million euros, but has fallen by 1.4% in volume over the same period in 2019, totaling 3.3 million tons, falling priority vegetables for Spanish exports such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and cabbages.

Fall in the export of the most relevant vegetables
Tomato sales stood at 459,231 tons, 8% less than in the first half of 2019, improving the value by 2% and reaching 586 million euros. Lettuce exports have fallen in volume and value, by 4% in both cases, with 475,737 tons and 441 million euros and cabbage exports have also decreased by 10% in volume and 9% in value, totaling 349,737 tons and 428 million euros (-10%).

Fruit export
Sales abroad in the first half of the year were 4,835 million euros, 13% more, but in volume, they fell by 5% to 3.8 million tons. The positive behavior of the stone fruit stands out, highlighting the peach, with 132,578 tons (+11%) and 185.5 million Euros (+32%) or the nectarine, with 135,819 tons (+9%) and 209 million Euros (+30%).

On the other hand, berries are declining, with a 3% drop in volume and value of strawberries compared to the first half of 2019, totaling 274,229 tons and 553 million euros. In the case of raspberries, it has decreased by 21% in volume and 7% in value, reaching 40,688 tons and 293 million Euros.

By regions, Andalucía's fruit and vegetable exports amounted to 2.7 million tons, 4% less than in the same period in 2019, with a value of 3,788 million euros (+5%), followed by Valencia Region, with 2 million tons (-8%) for a value of 2,166 million euros (+12%) and Murcia with 1.4 million tons (-1%) and 1,633 million euros (-14%).

Export to UK grow in value and volume
The positive evolution of sales to the United Kingdom is maintained during this first semester of 2020. Spanish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables amount to 889,157 tons, 1% more than in the same period last year and growing by 9% in value, totaling 1,160 million euros.

When comparing the first half of the last five years, Spanish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables to the United Kingdom have grown by 5%, from 866,611 tons in 2016 to 889,157 tons in the first half of 2020. In value terms, the growth was 10%, going from 1,050 million euros in 2016 to 1,160 million euros.