Red Harvest, one of the larger tomato growers in the Netherlands, is installing a grow lighting system in the last of its four greenhouses at their location in Middenmeer in the Netherlands. To this end, Alfen is expanding the existing microgrid to provide the necessary power supply to the lighting system. Alfen also connects this new grid section to the existing high-voltage grid of Red Harvest, which is connected to the local electricity grid of ECW, the Energy Combination Wieringermeer. With the installation of grow lights, the tomatoes can grow all year round and the same high quality can be guaranteed.

The location in Middenmeer has around 30 hectares of greenhouses, primarily used for growing various types of tomatoes. The final greenhouse, measuring around eight hectares is now also provided with grow lights, which are necessary once autumn falls. As such, the activities are in full flight and will be completed at the start of October.

In order to generate electricity and produce CO2 on site, Red Harvest switched to combined heat and power installations (CHP installations) at an early stage. To increase sustainability, they added the use of geothermal heat at location Middenmeer, together with a cluster of companies.

Alfen provides CHP connections, transformer substations and installs complete private high-voltage grids and has been a valued partner for horticultural business for about fifteen years. As a result, Alfen has acquired extensive knowledge about installing lighting systems and connecting heat and CHP installations.

Jaap Noordam, Managing Director Red Harvest, explains: "Over the past ten years, Alfen successfully provided the lighting systems for multiple of our greenhouses at the Middenmeer location. Due to the strong relations with Alfen and their professional approach, we once again chose Alfen for this project and in the past year we outsourced the entire service and maintenance of the high-voltage grid to Alfen on this location."

Pieter van der Meij, Account Manager Smart Grid Solutions at Alfen, adds: "Alfen takes pride in working with companies such as Red Harvest. Red Harvest is a good example of a horticulture business that aims for perfection and quality in a sustainable way. Hard work is printed in the genes and you can feel the entrepreneurial drive. With our expertise and experience we are able to once again contribute to the business objectives of Red Harvest during the current energy transition. We hope to continue working together for many years to come!"

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