The launch of Redi took place in Spain and Portugal in the fall last year. Redi is a broccoli with purple shoots and tender stems that end in a small inflorescence. This new variety already has two producers in the Iberian Peninsula and it is expected to continue expanding.

"Our producers have considerable volumes and sufficient capacity to react to future increases in the demand," says Fernando Santamaría, marketing manager at Bejo Ibérica. "They also have highly advanced processing means and the supply is guaranteed thanks to their large production capacity in different climatic zones. We remain open to new partners in the distribution chain that can help in moving forward," he says.

Spain and Portugal have potential for consumption, although at the moment, other European countries account for most of the demand. "Larger volumes are marketed in other countries due to their culture. The United Kingdom is the main destination, together with the Nordic countries, where they are already familiar with such products and are very receptive to innovations," says Fernando Santamaría.

"However, we believe that the consumption of this product in the Iberian Peninsula will increase dramatically in the coming years. It is a new market and our product has all the right qualities for the future: it is versatile, environmentally-friendly and highly nutritious. Thanks to a study by the CSIC, it has become clear that Redi contains phenolic compounds and glucosinates in much higher amounts than in the green varieties, and it is a great source of vitamin C. The growing interest in healthy eating will make the market very receptive. Another advantage is that it's not just healthy, but also very tasty," he says.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will entail challenges for the distribution of Redi in its first year in the market. "We are adapting all our strategies to ensure that the product's introduction in the Spanish and Portuguese markets is a success. The focus on basic products should lead to an increasing diversification, and this while the consumer is getting used to their consumption at home," says Fernando Santamaría.

Redi is part of the Bejo Ibérica's Sweet 4U line, consisting of varieties that have a special texture and flavor. "As we learn about new varieties, we take those that meet these characteristics. Redi is part of the Purple Power range, featuring purple varieties that meet the characteristics of Sweet 4U. We'll soon also launch several new onion varieties that could arouse the interest of consumers for their use in salads or for cooking in the wok," says the marketing manager of Bejo Ibérica.

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