IrriFarm is the new innovative system to manage and monitor irrigation remotely. "It is a complete set that enables you to remotely dose fertilizers, plan watering times and volumes and monitor the information transmitted by the sensors," explains Bernardo Grieco, owner of Pan Agri in Scanzano Jonico (Matera), a company specializing in irrigation automation.

Bernardo Grieco

"It is a modular system equipped with a micro-sim and peripheral field units that can manage up to 48 valves, 8 fertilizers and agitators via radio/wireless applications. IrriFarm, distributed exclusively in Italy by Netafim under the Netafarm brand, is ideal for all crops: citrus fruit, strawberries, peaches, apricots, kiwifruit and much more. It is a high-precision system to manage irrigation and fertigation, a way to monitor everything that happens with the possibility to intervene swiftly without the need for field operators (Above right: a complete IrriFarm fertigation system). 

Complete system for s kiwifruit orchard.

"Over 600 hectares have been covered by our systems so far. Our clients are located mainly in southern Italy - in Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily in particular - but we are expecting to install a good number of our solutions in central-northern Italy as well."

"We have decades of experience in the irrigation sector. We design and develop solutions for all kinds of needs. Systems studied with and for agricultural entrepreneurs. Irrifarm is the perfect example, as it optimizes labor costs, rationalizes irrigation thanks to 24h irrigation shifts and increases the quantity and quality of productions reducing diseases due to watering error. It is thus a very simple, intuitive, safe and quick solution that can be managed via any smartphone on the market." 

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