Bacterial phytopathogens are diverse and cause many types of diseases. Their transmission may be airborne, soil-borne or via invertebrate vectors. When introduced to new areas their spread is unpredictable, but often highly invasive. They are difficult to control with chemicals and, unlike many other plant pathogens, frequently have a large number of potential hosts.

UKRI-BBSRC, UKRI-NERC, Defra and the Scottish Government obtained funding from the Strategic Priorities Fund to support nine diverse and exciting high quality Bacterial Plant Disease projects that address these threats. The projects are advised by a Coordination team who will provide a link between funders, stakeholders and project PIs.

As part of National Plant Health Week (September 21st - 27th) the BPD Coordination Team are hosting a short ‘coffee-time’ webinar to introduce the nine projects, their synergies and how people can get involved with them. This will include an introductory talk (~20 minutes) before an extended Q&A session. The webinar will be held September 21, at 11 AM BST. You can register via this link

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