STK bio–ag technologies, the innovative Israeli leader in bio-ag technologies for sustainable agriculture, and Ascenza announce an exclusive agreement for the distribution of the ‘hybrid’ fungicide REGEV® throughout Mexico.

Under this exclusive agreement, Ascenza will sell the product throughout Mexico with the trade name of REGEV®.

REGEV® is being registered in Mexico for the control of Black Sigatoka in bananas, Anthracnose in Strawberries, Early Blight in tomatoes and Powdery Mildew in a large range of fruits and vegetables including peppers, apples and tomatoes. Registration is expected in Mexico in the coming months.

REGEV®, the first “hybrid” fungicide in the world, is already used successfully in many countries and several regions of the world. REGEV® is used exactly like other fungicides, but with the additional benefits of residue reduction and much better resistance management due to its breakthrough formulation of tea tree oil and difenoconazole. This easy-to-use ‘fungicide serves as a “bridge” that allows farmers to reduce their ecological footprint while benefiting from the high efficacy of this breakthrough solution.

Commenting on the Agreement, Marco Tulio, Country Manager of STK Mexico said: “We are very pleased to partner with Ascenza. Together we have decided to combine our experience and knowledge to bring REGEV® to the Mexican growers. With REGEV®, they will benefit from an exceptionally advanced and highly effective biological product - making their crops more environmentally-friendly and more exportable.“

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