The advantages of plant factories

Plant factories combine modern industry, biotechnology, nutrient cultivation and information technology and control a facility's inside environment with high precision. It has the advantages of complete closure, low requirements on the surrounding environment, shortened harvest time of plants, water and fertilizer saving, pesticide free production, and no outward discharge of waste.

As an important physical environment factor, light plays a key role in the regulating of plants’ growth, development and their metabolism. As a general consensus, one of the main features of plant factories is the full artificial light source and intelligent control of light environment.

Sunlight type plant factory

The growth of crops is closely related to the intensity of light. Stereoscopic cultivation is often adopted in plant factories. However, due to the limitation of the structure of the cultivation frame, the distribution of light and temperature between the layers is uneven. The yield of crops will be affected and the harvest time is not synchronized.

Artificial light type plant factory

In 2010, Kingpeng developed a supplementary lighting device lifted manually. Its principle is rotation of a small film drive shaft and the bobbin winder fixed on through the crank. It realizes the purpose of retracting and laying the wire rope. The steel wire rope of hanging supplementary lights is connected with multiple reversing wheels and the winding wheel of the lifter, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting the height of supplementary light.

Mobile supplementary lighting device manufactured by Kingpeng

In 2017, Kingpeng designed and developed a new type of mobile supplementary lighting device, which can automatically adjust the supplementary light height in real time according to the needs of crop growth. The adjustment device is installed on the 3-layer light source lifting stereo cultivation frame. The top layer of the device is the best level of illumination, so it is equipped with a high pressure sodium lamp. The middle layer and the bottom layer are equipped with an adjustable lifting system, and LED lamps.

They can automatically adjust the height of the supplementary light according to the signal of the light sensor, and finally provide the right lighting environment for the crops.

In recent years, the light source control system of some artificial light plant factories has developed rapidly. This kind of control system is generally based on B/S architecture, which automatically controls the temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration and other environmental factors in the process of crop growth by remote control through WiFi. This mode of production is not subject to external conditions. This intelligent supplementary lighting system, which uses LVD electrodeless lamps as the supplementary light source and combines with the remote intelligent control system, can meet the requirements of plants’ light wavelength. It is especially suitable for application in light-controlled plant facilities. In the past two years, Kingpeng has also focused on the research and development of this kind of plant factory and have obtained some results.

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