At the start of 2018, it became known that the European regulations regarding pipe-rail vehicles- and crop care vehicles would be tightened after the end of 2019. When it was announced, the people at Buitendijk Slaman went back to the drawing board with, as a result, the updated crop care vehicles of the Masterlift C-series.

By now, the new crop care vehicles are already driving around on two seed cultivation companies in the Netherlands, though Edwin Sol of Buitendijk Slaman also notices that the most significant demand for the vehicles comes from abroad. “Especially in North- and South-America, we notice a lot of demand for the vehicles.”

Due to the new regulations, it has become an obligation to also offer the crop care vehicles in the rest of the European Union. “That is why you can see a growing number of professional growers abroad that immediately opt for certified materials.”

Cruise control
The updated crop care vehicles obviously had to be ‘well-made’ and ‘reliable’, just like the exciting series, and above all, keep user-friendliness in mind. As an example of this, Edwin mentions the cruise control the crop care vehicle is equipped with. “As an extra function, the cruise control automatically gets turned off when the grower drives up the middle aisle.”

Not needlessly complicated
Modifications need to be made, but preferably with as little as possible extra materials and sensors. “You should not make it needlessly complicated,” says Edwin, “and we succeeded in that. There are, for instance, no stamps of load limiter needed for the Masterlift with two- or three scissors.”

The Masterlift pipe-rail vehicles were tested and certified by the approval authority SGS. The tests were conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the NEN EN280 aerial platform standard.

Lastly, a list like the one people might know from the car dealers. The Masterlift C-series comes equipped with the following standards:

- Cruise control
- Tool tray
- An entrance on both sides
- Food-safe paint (powder coating)
- Horn
- Brake on the engine
- Turbo function
- Control system for cable breakage
- Acoustic malfunction notifier
- Endless potentiometer (prevents malfunctioning)
- Wide plastic flange
- Wheels with extra protection against the rope

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