One hundred days ago, Markus Saphörster accepted a new position: Organic Coordinator for Bejo Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Why? Not only because his colleague Günter left the company. His new position engaging with the rapidly growing market for organic seeds is a natural fit for Markus, who has long been interested in working close to nature. 

He lives with his wife and their three children on a little farm in western Germany, where they look for ways to live as sustainably as possible. Markus, who is 46 and has been with Bejo Samen in Germany for 12 years, also likes the outdoors, football and spending time with his family. 

Now that Markus is responsible for organic activities in all three German-speaking countries, Bejo asked him his views on the market and what he will contribute to the organic sector. 

“Many consumers are interested in healthy, organically produced and sustainable nutrition. In the coming years, I expect people to have a more conscious and purposeful way of life which will allow the organic market to grow even further, in Germany and elsewhere,” says Markus. “That’s why I would like to bring my knowledge of and experience with seeds, the vegetable market and organic production to our customers.  

“I aim to take an open approach with growers and other players in the market. I’m also excited about bringing people from different groups together, such as farmers, plant nurseries and the organic organizations. In this way I hope to build on Bejo’s successful production and collaboration right now and eventually to elevate the organic sector. 

“So far I am getting positive signals, and that is motivating me to improve the cultivation and marketing of vegetables in an expanding organic market. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and working together with them to find solutions.” 

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