"After our appearance on the Fruit Logistica 2019, we will once again be exhibiting our packaging solutions for harvesting, transport and trade at this year's trade fair," said the communication managers of Smart-Flow Europe SA and Gamma-Wopla SA, the Belgian manufacturers of plastic boxes and pallets.

Aleksandar Petrovic (l.) and Mikaƫl Vandewiele (r.) at the booth of Fruit Logistica 2019

Their credo for all plastic boxes and pallets: "Only one container from harvest to trade and clearly reusable instead of disposable. Tailor-made containers designed for specific applications guarantee well thought-out, efficient use and simple, resource-saving handling for all employees along the logistics chain."

One product highlight will be the BF series of plastic boxes, specially developed for fruit and vegetable cultivation. "These boxes are equipped with different bases - corrugated, perforated or filled - to prevent moisture accumulation and protect the fruit and vegetables, depending on the goods. Due to their stable monoblock construction and their functional basic dimensions, which are tailored to requirements, they can be stacked easily and stably - even during transport. Labor-intensive repacking of the goods is no longer necessary."

The Bi-Color rotary stack containers are another great product, the company says: "These intelligent containers are often used, for example, for grape harvesting or vegetable harvesting, as they enable time-saving Bi-Color stacking and space-saving storage. The smart two-color design allows easy and fast handling, without erroneous stacking and loss of time, because the color orientation immediately indicates whether a container in the stack is empty or full."

The plastic containers of the P and RL series, with perforated bottoms and walls, ensure well-ventilated fruit and vegetables, according to the speaker. "They enable space- and cost-efficient folding and stable stacking. The space-saving height of the folded box is only 31 mm, which means a cost saving of up to 15 percent on return transport and thus an additional filling quantity of 1,200 empty crates per truck load."

The nestable pallet series from Smart-Flow are suitable for storing and transporting Gamma-Wopla containers: "The robust plastic pallets are extremely stable and load-bearing. Due to their nestability, additional costs can be saved during empty transport".

"All Gamma-Wopla plastic containers are high-quality new goods that meet all hygiene standards of the food industry. The stable containers are suitable for numerous circulations and can be 100 percent recycled at the end of their product life cycle. The sister company Smart-Flow uses the recovered recyclate to produce new plastic pallets".

A special service that Gamma-Wopla offers in this respect is the repurchase of crates in the event of breakage: "Even a broken crate still has value for us. We can use the material not only for recycling, but also for upcycling and pallet production."

This falls entirely within the company's sustainability goals. The company also wants to offer smaller companies and family businesses the opportunity to act sustainably and environmentally friendly in the long term, without neglecting profitability. "Many companies still use cardboard packaging as packaging and we want to change this in the long term."

You can meet Smart-Flow Europe SA and Gamma-Wopla SA in person at Fruit Logistica 2020: Hall 21, Stand D-07.

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