Last year, p2raumdesign won the Innovation Award at expoSE/ExpoDirekt with the brand new LiftBoXX. Exactly one year later, Rainer Palinkasch moved to Karlsruhe again and presented a new, innovative store concept for the farm shop to the specialist public there. In cooperation with refrigeration and cooling specialist RFT, an ultrasonic cold mist humidification system was integrated into a sales system for fruit and vegetables. "We have noticed a huge response from trade visitors," said the managing director on the second day of the trade fair.

By integrating the cold mist system into the store concept, the fresh products on display are continuously moistened and cooled down. This concept has been used several times both for direct marketing and for the customer: "Depending on the fresh product, the goods remain fresh for up to 3-4 days longer. They also look more attractive due to the humidification. The system itself is quite user-friendly and easy to manage, via a controller. On average, the process consumes a maximum of six litres of water per hour," explains Palinkasch. In addition, the cold vapour system is almost completely maintenance-free: The osmosis filter, which ensures sterility of the cold fog, only needs to be replaced once a year.

The cold vapour process was presented for the first time at expoSE 2019 in Karlsruhe.

He adds that up to six metres of displayed goods can be misted with one module. "The concept is perfectly suited for the farm shop, as the flow of goods in this area is not as fast as in the supermarket. The shelf life of the perishable goods is therefore all the more important," says Palinkasch, describing the previous interest in the new store concept.

LiftBoXX and FreshBoXX
At the same time, the awareness level of the LiftBoXX process, presented for the first time in 2018, is also increasing. The popular and award-winning concept is particularly well received by specialist retailers, Palinkasch confirmed. In the meantime, the company has also succeeded in developing an optimised version of the original store concept with integrated cooling. This so-called FreshboXX is primarily suitable for the fresh food counter or for displaying daily fresh products such as soft fruit and asparagus, but also freshly prepared products such as salads, cakes or tarts from the farm shop.

Rainer Palinkasch and Wolf Binder at their stand at expoSE 2019.

Holistic approaches to marketing
With a total of three different store concepts, the p2raumdesign team serves a steadily growing clientele of direct marketers, specialist retailers and, occasionally, wholesalers and C+C markets. Nevertheless, the company's target group remains the farm shop, says Palinkasch. "Experience has shown that we have improvised a lot before. Currently, however, we see an increasing number of young direct marketers taking over their parents' farm in many places and being open to new concepts. Our primary concern is to offer this young generation at the helm holistic solutions for marketing."

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