The Jaksa company, which provides services in the field of design, assembly and comprehensive equipment for greenhouse facilities, has expanded its activities in the steel constructions industry. The offer includes all stages necessary to create complete projects, from purchasing and processing materials, to galvanizing, powder coating and assembly.

Cutting, drilling, firing and other processes necessary for this type of production are performed on modern numerically controlled CNC machines, and welding is carried out by the MAG 135 method. The scope of services also includes design and engineering consulting.

The company specializes in the production of steel structures for the construction of greenhouses, warehouses, industrial, sports, commercial and exhibition facilities. All work is carried out based on the requirements of EN ISO 3824-2, EN 1090-1,2 and ISO 9001.

Jaksa’s constructions are delivered not only to the Polish market, but also to Slovakia, Sweden, Japan, France, South Korea, USA, Canada, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

For more information:
Barbara Jaksa
Piatkowisko 87
95-200 Pabianice
Tel. +48 42 213 16 20