Arrigoni, the group specializing in the production of protective screens for agriculture, calls itself "an excellent ally for organic farming", following a test in the field for the control of flea beetles. The test was performed on an organic rocket seeding, started in early September and harvested 17 days later. Both Scirocco MD White (windbreak and medium shading net, in flat weave HDPE monofilament) and Biomaglia (light polyamide net, anti-insects and anti-frost) were tested, positioned on the crop immediately after sowing and kept until the harvest.

The test involved an area of over 5,000 square meters, sown with the rocket variety Extrema, from the Maraldi Sementi company in Cesena.

The test response was positive: the protected rocket had the same quality as the not covered rocket. It showed neither signs of suffering, nor differences in quality (such as color or consistency), even the yield was the same.

A further confirmation of the results of Biomaglia then comes from another field test conducted at the Azienda Agricola Fratelli Cambise in Trasacco, L’Aquila, that for over thirty years has specialized in the production of leafy vegetables. The technical manager Sandro Cerasani explained: "For this type of crop, the main problem is naturally represented by virus diseases, whose main vector is the thrip. To counteract their spread, we did a test with Arrigoni Biomaglia on lettuce, broccoli and radicchio. The outcome was extremely satisfying, with the percentage of infected plants close to zero, so that given the results we are already thinking of enlarging our surfaces protected by Biomaglia from Arrigoni".

"The most important aspect", highlights Milena Poledica, an agronomist from Arrigoni, "is that surfaces protected by Arrigoni screens did not require phytosanitary treatments against the flea beetle or the thrip, neither show any damage to the crop. It is clear from the test that the use of physical protection through Arrigoni nettings on the crop is extremely advantageous, both in terms of cost and in terms of effectiveness. And above all, it offers the possibility of collecting a product free from pesticide residues and, therefore, healthier. An essential choice for those working in the organic sector".

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