A delegation headed by the Vice-president of Hokkaido prefecture, Mr. Kodama Tosihiro visited Teplichnyj greenhouse complex. In the course of visit, the guests saw the electrical substation. Power engineer, Mr. Anton Gusarov told about the equipment produced by Russian companies and answered other questions of the delegation members.

The gas power station became the next point of interest. It produces enough energy for the first production unit of the greenhouse complex. Power engineer, Mr. Vladimir Rasnyansky and the production unit engineer, Mr. Igor Drobnitsa have told about the CO2 and its transfer to the greenhouse for plant nutrition.

At the end of the visit, the delegation took a look at the block that was restored by the associates in 2019. It is dedicated for tomato and bell peppers growing now. The agronomist, Mr. Aleksandr Tarasenko told about the presented varieties and the biological method of pest control.

Source: sakhtepl.ru