In Kucove, in the district of Berat (Albania), growing tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers and peppers in greenhouses, is also made possible by the use of Italian technology.

Greenhouse farmer and entrepreneur Kuqo Paulin disposes of 2.5 hectares of greenhouses for the production of these vegetables,1 hectare of which was built with fully equipped greenhouses that have been supplied by the Italian CO.SER of Francolise (CE).

"We discovered a valuable business partner because its solutions are effective, given the price–performance ratio. Project timing, reliability and great customer care. In addition, I act as an intermediary between CO.SER and other operators in Albania who need their services."

"Last year, the purchase of completed greenhouses was facilitated by the Albanian government assistance, equalling 50% of the total expenditure - said Kuqo Paulin - A great support that encourages the work of us greenhouse farmers".

On the commercial front, the greenhouse farmer said it was a bad year for vegetables: " Think only that I threw away 50 tons of tomatoes and sold 35 tons of cucumbers at 10 cents per kilogram.”

The Albanian greenhouse farmer exports through wholesalers, such as Elian Export, to countries in Eastern and Western Europe, including Germany, Austria and Denmark. "Without compensation, farmers cannot do their job. The overheated weather has extended the campaign season duration in the countries to which we export. As a result, the demand for our products has declined dramatically due to the presence of local vegetables.

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Azienda agricola Paulin Kuqo 






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