Gavita International completely outgrew its location due to the growing demand for HPS lamps. At the end of 2018, the old production location was replaced by a new, state-of-the-art production facility on the industrial site in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

A beautiful and large new location where it is pleasant to work and with enough space for the storage of parts that are necessary for the manufacturing of the Gavita luminaires. A major advantage was that the production process was carefully observed prior to the design of the production area. There was enough space to fully optimize this, says Arjan Pauw, International Sales Manager from Gavita.

“By optimizing the production lines, mainly devised and implemented by our colleague Eric Jongstra, by changing certain sequences in the assembly process and by using smart tools, we can produce around 3,000 luminaires per day. On these days some 100 people work at the production lines. Gavita can, therefore, guarantee short delivery times, also for large projects.

Production of reflectors

With the further optimization of the production lines, Gavita can guarantee the high quality requirements of the customer. Every luminaire that leaves the building has been checked, tested and switched on before it is sent to the customer. Every luminaire is registered, so Gavita knows exactly to which customer or project the light fixture was delivered and which parts were used."

A precise job: The screw eyes are mounted in such a way that the luminaire always can be hung perfectly horizontally and vertically.

That is the question that currently dominates the horticultural world. The demand for HPS lamps is still high at the moment. It is a proven concept: it is attractive as an investment and has proven itself in recent decades as the pre-eminent grow light for various crops? Now it still is, says Arjan. "I expect that LED will eventually become the standard in greenhouse horticulture. The techniques are getting better all the time and looking at the social awareness with regard to the environment, it definitely is a good development."

Every fixture and every lamp is tested.

The luminaires are packed in specially designed crates. The box is filled in such a way that no damage can occur during transport.

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