BVB Substrates has been producing substrates for the world market for over 100 years. BVB Substrates has also acquired a good position on the German market over the years. To further strengthen this position in Germany, BVB Substrates and horticultural supplier Mertens have extended their intensive partnership.

Mart Verheijen, director of Mertens and Guido Linders, commercial director Kekkilä-BVB

The soft fruits sector in Germany is in full development. More and more growers are making the transition from growing in open soil to cultivation in substrate. In addition, vegetable growers increasingly extend their business to growing soft fruits.

Mertens is a supplier for horticulture in the Netherlands and Germany, including the growing soft fruits sector. With over 65 years of knowledge and experience and a large customer base within the BVB Substrates target group, Mertens is considered to be the ideal partner to strengthen its position in the growing German market. Mertens and BVB Substrates have been working together for some time on the Dutch soft fruits market and from now on Mertens will be the preferred dealer within this sector in Germany as well.

For current German customers of BVB Substrates, the contact does not change. Mertens will be supported by BVB Substrates in product sales. Bart Verheijen (BVB Substrates) and Timo Tax (Mertens) will coordinate this together.

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