The season of the Dutch product is practically over. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see a lot of bell peppers at retailers in recent weeks, writes Frits van der Meulen in his KCB column.

It is especially good to note that the quality has been acceptable up to the end. With the red bell pepper, we can see that autumn has arrived. The peppers are healthy, but increasingly displaying an autumn colour. We see the tomatoes on the shelves throughout the year. You can't fault the quality. Cucumbers and aubergines also started last week and are now increasingly being replaced by the Spanish product.

Quality of the garden
The last iceberg lettuce is now on the market and after the rainy period, the shelf life is disappointing. After a few days, we see red discolouration and spoilage. The quality of the sprouts, on the other hand, is excellent. Chicory may also be mentioned here. The quality that is supplied to the supermarkets is excellent. Chicory remains a fragile product in retail and especially the loose chicory stumps. Consumers also know that under the cover sheet are the beautiful white specimens and very soon it gets a messy look. In that respect, this product can best be sold as a sales package in a flowpack.

Source: KCB