Spectral sensor company nanoLambda announced XL-500, a tiny BLE spectroradiometer with free Android and iOS apps, designed for lighting researches and industrial uses in plant, animal and human centric lighting fields.

The XL-500 measures and records light spectrum with absolute power values, such as SPD (W/m2/nm), PAR/PPFD (umol/m2/s/nm) and Lux (lm/m2). Also CCT (K), CRI, and CIE values for color are measured. nanoLambda packed all these functions with rechargeable battery and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) into a light weight and compact size (28g @ 39 mm x 26 mm x 16 mm). Users can set the measurement period and interval to measure the light spectrum continuously over a few weeks at one battery charge.

Recently, a human-centered lighting research group at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and University of Basel in Switzerland, and University of Oxford in UK, published a research paper, “What is the ‘spectral diet’ of humans?”, where the team used XL-500 as a wearable sensor. Large-scale projects using hundreds of XL-500(s) to collect big data sets over the real world are their next steps. 

“XL-500 will be very useful in the agriculture industry as well,” said Bill Choi, CEO of nanoLambda, “enabling to find out right recipe of spectrum and monitor the effective spectral nutrient for different plants at different growth phases, to improve yield and quality.” nanoLambda was also selected as one of 9 startups in the GROW AgriFood Tech Accelerator program in Singapore. XL-500 is available online for purchase, along with other spectral sensor products for various nondestructive or noninvasive sensing applications.

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