"It is now a matter of fact: the European Union has voted to say goodbye to single-use plastics, which must be completely eliminated by 2021. Because of this, I was inspired to create an eco-friendly and innovative packaging that resembles a jewelry box to emphasize the preciousness of our product. It was immediately shared and authorized by the Board of Directors of the Consorzio di Tutela del Pomodoro di Pachino Igp". This is how Giovanni Iuvara, director of ProAgri Srl, a company engaged in the marketing of horticultural products, announced an epoch-making change in the story of packaging of the renowned Sicilian tomato.

 Giovanni Iuvara

The company's key product is the Pachino tomato, highly appreciated by, but not limited to, Italian consumers, for its intrinsic quality characteristics, well recognizable on the market. Our PGI cherry is known across Europe and not only for its flesh, taste, texture and appearance, all elements that contribute to the overall quality, and determine its success.

An eco-friendly jewelry box with a unique content

"After an accurate market research - continues the manager - we opted for a composite packaging material, fully compostable, with a bioplastic layer, that is polylactic acid, or PLA, obtained from corn residues. Our goal is to respect the environment, reducing waste and differentiating as much as possible. It's not only a matter of meeting an obligation, although well ahead of schedule, but also an ethical and innovative choice that fulfills an ever growing consumers request".

The elegant, compostable, newly developed package concept

The brand value: quality always combines with prestige

Consumer trends and a growing awareness around sustainability issues are also leading retailers to adapt to environmental policies. Immediately effective, a new compostable packaging for the PGI Pachino will be available in all Esselunga stores, one of the most prestigious distribution chains in Italy.

The dynamic mindset of ProAgri's sales director, Giovanni Iuvara, has led the company to be among one of the most important operators in South-Eastern Sicily. While maintaining the core business on the PGI Pachino tomato , ProAgri sells exclusively vegetables of superior quality, reaffirming its leadership also in the recyclable and compostable packaging industry.

PRO AGRI's strategic goal, being the first company to offer a PGI tomato product in compostable packaging, is to provide all its products in eco-friendly formats by 2020.

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