What a length...160 meters. Bas van der Elst is very happy about it. "This is working so well. We are now producing liners in continuous parts of 160 meters. Less lifting is required and we are welding less. That saves on material and benefits the quality."

Nicolle Peetoom and Bas van der Elst.

Space for growing production
The mother company of Hendic, DL Plastics BV, Sint Annaparochie, has recently expanded its factory to 7,200 m2 floor surface. "We have done this to also handle extreme growth in production in the future. We can keep supply times short, and there is always room for an emergency delivery in case of a calamity."

The length of the hall comes in handy

New employees
In the new factory hall, we can also see some new faces. "We have significantly invested in the number of employees. We now have 25 well-trained people who are daily producing the foil products, the packaging thereof, and preparing for transport."

Control is a continuous process
Before the lines leave Friesland for one of the worldwide dealers, the products are subjected to a high quality control. "Control is a continuous process. Checks are in place at every step of the production process, but especially before the product leaves the factory."

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