On September 19, De Ruiter visited tomato farm Tomco in Roeselare, Belgium, where grower Luc Coghe and his staff have been harvesting the fruits of the new De Ruiter tomato variety Radiance for a month. Together with partner Signify (formerly Phillips Lighting), the first harvest was celebrated festively.

Franky van Looveren (Sales Manager Benelux and Poland), Antonia Kolovou (Key account manager Benelux) and Svetlana Tokunova (Portfolio Marketing Manager Benelux) did not come empty-handed: the entire Tomco team of more than 100 people received a T-shirt from Radiance as a gift. In addition, the entire team was also feasted with snacks and drinks.

LED in new greenhouse
The new Full LED greenhouse is equipped with a combination of Philips LED top-lighting and inter-lighting modules, which produce a total of 225 µmol / m² / s. With the help of the plant specialists of Signify, maximum support is given for the optimal functioning of the LED modules. Representatives of Signify were also present at the celebration of the first harvest.

Growing vigor
Luc decided to grow Radiance under the Tomabel quality mark because of his vigorous growth and production potential. In addition, the Radiance variety also has fruits with a beautiful dark red color, early production, fresh green parts and a good presentation in the store, says De Ruiter. Finally, Radiance has a broad resistance package.

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