Two Dutch herb companies have joined forces - a company called Plukkruidje and fresh herb specialists, Europe Retail Packing. Timo Kleijwegt has been paving the way for Plukkruidje for three years now.

Plukkruidje is a fresh herbal teas concept. It is aimed at the Dutch hospitality industry. It involves various mixes of unusual kinds of herbs. Europe Retail Packing can help this concept grow.

Europe Retail Packing has been importing and exporting fresh herbs for many years. They do so under their 5Senses label. The Plukkruidje team is now under Europe Retail Packing's care. Plukkruidje's clients will, therefore, continue receiving the same products and level of quality and service they were used to getting from Timo.

So, from now on, not only the 5Senses label will be available from Europe Retail Packing label. This company will also carry the Plukkruidje assortment. Timo will continue to be the Plukkruidje contact person until December. Then, as of 1 January 2020, Europe Retail Packing employees will take over this task. 

For more information:
Europe Retail Packing 
Menno Reijgersberg 
Tel: +31 (0) 621 832 400  

Timo Kleijwegt 
Tel: + 31 (0) 637 446 088