At the end of September seed enhancement company Incotec launched a new, innovative technology for the improvement of tomato seed: the X-ray neXt tomato. The introduction took place at the Seed meets Technology trade fair in Zwaagdijk. By applying deep learning, Incotec has succeeded in further improving the existing innovative method for increasing the germination potential of a batch of tomato seeds.

Incotec introduced the first X-ray technology in 2007. The best seeds can be recognized and selected through digital analysis of the seed embryo. With the enormous amount of data that Incotec has built up over the past 12 years, deep learning technologies can now also be applied. Deep learning is a form of artificial intelligence.

Bruno Hoeltgebaum, Sales Manager: “Our goal is to select the best seeds from a batch in order to get a higher yield for growers. For our customers, the seed breeders, it means an even more effective result. Because we know exactly which seeds will perform well and which will not, no seeds are unnecessarily rejected, while there is still certainty about a maximum yield."

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