LLC GC Eletskie Ovoschy have launched the third phase of the greenhouse complex in Eletsk region of Lipetsk area with the acreage of 22 ha. They are getting ready for the next launch, reported the Department on Investments and International Relations of Lipetsk area.

The launch of the third phase will allow for the productivity increase up to 25 thousand tons of cucumbers a year. A unique UltraClima technology has been implemented in the project, maintaining the required temperature at any time of the year.

GC Eletskie Ovoschy are planning to launch the fourth phase of the greenhouse until the end of 2019.

LLC GC Eletskie ovoschy is a subsidiary of the GreenInvest company, carrying over a project of a 5th generation greenhouse complex construction over the acreage of 70 ha in Eletsk region. According to the company management, the project should be completed within 2019. The investments in the project will comprise 264.5 million euro.

The acreage of the first greenhouse reached 5 ha and the required investments amounted to 26.5 million euro. The second phase was 17.7 ha with the investments about 63.5 million euro.

LLC GC Eletskie Ovoschy with the crater capital of 1.414 euro have been functioning since 2015. Mr. Maksim Sokolov acts as a cofounder and general director of the company as well as the head of Moscow LLC GreenInvest, affiliated with LLC NPF Phito.

Source: Lipetsk News