CubicFarm Systems Corp. welcomes Rodrigo Santana as the Company’s interim Chief Financial Officer. 

CubicFarms welcomes Rodrigo Santana as its interim CFO. Supported by the rest of the CubicFarms finance team, Rodrigo will continue his role as Chief Operating Officer. Rodrigo is very experienced in the dual role of COO and CFO where he held both positions in his previous employment at Sacre-Davey Engineering, helping the company grow and attain their strategic objectives. 

CubicFarm Systems Corp. CEO, Dave Dinesen commented, “I look forward to working closely with Rodrigo as interim CFO as we move the business forward and execute on CubicFarms' growth plan.”

CubicFarms greatly appreciates the work provided by their previous CFO, Dani Palahanova, who was instrumental in assisting the company with their public listing efforts and wishes her every success in her future endeavors.

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