In the Foggia area, it hasn't rained since early July. The first transplant cycle of zucchini was mainly destined to the processing industry, though there was a good moment for the fresh market in late June-July. The harvesting of the second transplants will start this week and the produce will be mostly exported. Forty tons of asparagus will also become available between September and early November. 

"We finished processing the green zucchini harvested between early June and 20th August around a week ago. Planning was good between late June and July and demand from the fresh market was also good," reports Giovanni Pasquariello, owner of Azienda Agricola Pasquariello Giovanni in Carapelle (FG).

"We are about to start harvesting the produce of the second transplants and we should finish in late November. We expect zucchini with a grade of 14-21 cm to reach a starting price of around €0.60-0.70/kg." 

The cultivated areas have remained more or less the same as last year. "We exported a few batches to the UK in July, and volumes should increase with this produce. We have 2 or 4.5 kg packets available."

As regards a no-deal Brexit, the producer comments that he will have to talk to the various importers about how to organize everything. "We still haven't discussed it."

Asparagus in the fall
"We will also start harvesting asparagus this week. Around 40 tons of produce will be distributed from early November both in Italy and abroad."

Giovanni Pasquariello
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Azienda Agricola Pasquariello Giovanni
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