Professional agriculture is increasingly focusing on pest control (e.g. Halymorpha Halys), as pests have damaged and continue to severely damage crops.

Protecting crops is now a must in agriculture and defense tools to prevent attacks and reduce the use of pesticides and treatments must be implemented. 

In horticulture, attention mainly focuses on controlling viruses.

The 20/10 anti-aphid net features holes measuring <0.24 mm2. This way, even the smallest insects cannot get through, which is essential especially when plants start producing.

Mulching films are also practical to prevent weeds, which are often vectors of this virus. 

The Monotex 50 net with holes measuring 1 mm2 is suitable against Tuta absoluta. It achieves control of the insects while guaranteeing ventilation. 

When it comes to fruit cultivation, Monotex 50 is useful against Drosophila suzukii, which is harmful mainly to cherries and soft fruit, but it can also be used in citrus groves, where it is also used as a shading net.

Finally, to control Halymorpha Halys, R&D projects conducted by prestigious Italian and international bodies such as project Life Su.Sa. Fruit have reached excellent results when using fine-mesh multifunctional anti-hail nets.

In particular, peach and apple test fields in Piedmont showed how photoselective anti-hail net Iridium® (2.4 x 4.8 mesh) considerably reduced attacks while guaranteeing an excellent use of the light. 

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