A large plot already connected to a residual heat and CO2 network, where can you still find it? In Terneuzen, or in Westdorpe to be specific. There are two plots of 12 and 14.4 hectare ready for building a greenhouse. Erik den Drijver, agricultural property expert of Santen & Gasille Makelaars: "The plots can be bought independently, but there is a high chance they will be sold as one large plot. A grower can build a greenhouse on one plot, and he will always have the other for future expansions."

The Netherlands, but also in Belgium, where growers face limitations when expanding their greenhouses, is getting too full. Land for greenhouses, and certainly plots with a greenhouse horticultural destination, cannot be easily found. As agricultural property expert, Erik knows this like no other, but all growers with construction or expansion plans will quickly reach that conclusion when they start looking for space now.

Be able to build quickly
Space which is available around Terneuzen.North Sea Port, the new name of the merged Zeeland Seaports and the Havenbedrijf Gent, own plenty of land part of which has been allocated to develop greenhouse horticulture projects. The two mentioned plots, suitable for 20-22 hectare of greenhouses, are the last of the more than 220 hectare greenhouse horticultural area with unique residual heat and CO2 connection via WarmCO2.Wouter Vos, Commecial Manager North Sea Port: "In 2008, we have started, as land owner, with the development of the area, and we have reached the last plots for greenhouse horticulture."

What makes these plots attractive, is that they are ready for immediate construction of the greenhouse. Creating a plot this size by means of reconstruction is in practice not all that easy. Erik: "For example, when multiple plots have to be joined into one large plot. You need a lot of preparation, such as demolishing houses. Environmental legislation can easily take two to five years." There is no need for this with the plots in Westdorpe, where substantial investments in access roads to the greenhouse horticultural area have been made. "The factor time is less important, and a permit can be obtained within a reasonable time in this horticulture friendly municipality."

WarmCO2 supplies residual heat and CO2

Unique connection for supply certainty
Growers do not have to fear for long processes and high connection costs to provide the plots with sustainable energy. This is because, which is unique, the plots were already connected to a residual heat and CO2 network before a greenhouse has been built. WarmCO2, which has ten years of experience, is responsible for the exploitation of the residual heat and CO2 network and for the connection between fertilizer producer Yara and the horticulture with regard to sustainable energy. Several nearby factories of Yara are connected to the heat network.

Marlon Pijpelink, director of WarmCO2: "Growers can count on a steady supply of heat and CO2, also when one of the factories is down (for example for maintenance)". This was a again problem for growers with a different CO2 source last summer. "And make no mistake, subsidies such as SDE+ and SDE++ on other sustainability projects are attractive to growers, particularly when starting a project. But subsidies fall away and the question is what will remain. WarmCO2 offers supply certainty, which means clarity for the future." 

Cogeneration at eggplant grower Gevr. Van Duijn

Start with a talk
In the area, the sun also offers certainty, as little areas in the Netherlands get so much sunlight as the area around Westdorpe. Growers want to use artificial lighting to grow year round. Wouter: "The greenhouse horticultural area near Westdorpe is particularly attractive for greenhouse vegetable growers because all conditions for using artificial light."

Everybody understands that buying a greenhouse plot is not the same as buying a house. Still, the first steps are the same. "Call us for an orientation conversation and look around in the surroundings. And talk to the neighbors, eggplant, bell-pepper, and tomato growers, just like you would when buying a house."

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