Skytree is the newest introduction in broccoli from Seminis. Skytree is part of the "Easy Floret" series. The broccoli from this series is easier to harvest mechanically due to the reduced number of leaves around the stem.

Skytree is also easy to process into florets. This results in a product which is attractive to consumers for its ease of preparation. Moreover, Skytree has a slightly sweeter taste than traditional broccoli varieties. This makes Skytree even more popular with the end-user.

The most important features of Skytree

  • Skytree is approximately 5 days earlier than Ironman.
  • Skytree is strong against yellowing of the florets.
  • Skytree has a sweeter taste than traditional broccoli.
  • Skytree can be used as traditional broccoli...
  • ... But also as stem broccoli for snacking.

See it yourself and sampling
Trade partners, retailers, growers and other professionals from the industry can come and see Skytree themselves during the season. Seminis presents this special variety under supermarket conditions in the De Ruiter Experience Center in Bleiswijk. Interested parties can make an appointment and discuss the possibilities of sampling.

For more information:
Wout Nelissen
+ 31 6 51 38 17 27