HK-Pack Krautscheid GmbH has again expanded its range of cardboard fruit boxes and baskets this season. The aim is to be able to offer more and more sustainable solutions. Nevertheless, the focus is also on the application as a customized and tailor-made advertising medium, says Sales Manager Benjamin Wegner, who will present the wide range of packaging solutions at the upcoming Interaspa.

All trays and baskets of the packaging supplier are made from an environmental paper mix. Waste paper is used wherever possible, Wegner confirms. The covers are made of new paper fibers, for reasons of food safety. However, this is FSC certified. "The label is printed on the tray, to make the connection with the consumer. A light protective lacquer on the outside of the punnet also makes it possible to use it in wet fields."

The inside remains untreated, so that the carton can absorb small amounts of fruit juice similar to a fleece insert. The boxes are glued with solvent-free glue, which is also moisture-resistant. "Short-term storage in cold stores, as well as stray fruit juices are therefore no problem. Of course, we can also produce cardboard trays with further protective coating or plasticizing for longer cold storage or use in prolonged wet conditions (continuous rain)."

Modern cardboard trays from the HK-Pack assortment: minimum quantities depend on the prints and start with the Mod. 500gr., available at purchases of just 50,000 pcs. Currently, 250gr. and 500 gr. bowls are in stock.

Packaging as an advertising medium
The cardboard trays are printed with a neutral, photo quality motif, which is uniform or all trays and baskets. Since both ends of the trays and baskets are not printed, there is plenty of room for customer-specific labeling solutions. This makes the trays into interesting advertising mediums, Wegner says. "Of course we can also produce bowls in specific colors and prints. All sides, including the bottom and inner part of the tray, can be printed in photo quality." The paper range is rounded off by a large selection of paper bags of recycled paper.

Banderoles for asparagus are of course part of the wide range of HK-Pack as well.

In addition, HK-Pack Krautscheid offers paper promotional T-bands for bundling and packaging of asparagus. These are suitable for 500gr. of asparagus. In this area too, the use as an advertising medium has a high priority: "A special order of asparagus banderoles with your own photo-quality print is possible, depending on the paper and the printed image, starting at 25,000 pieces."

Further expansion of the product range
The biggest growth is expected in the area of ​​cardboard trays and paper bags. The current climate protection debate in Germany reinforces the desire to produce more environmentally friendly packaging solutions for consumers. The current figures show a growth of more than 30% compared to the previous year for the 500 gr. cardboard boxes with neutral printing, says Wegner. "There is also a great deal of interest in individually printed cardboard trays and paper bags, and we were able to record double-digit growth rates in some cases. The fact that we invested in this area early on has now paid off: from the very low-priced rPET shell for wholesale and exports through to the premium cardboard tray for the organic trade. We are also expecting double-digit growth rates for paper and cardboard in the coming season. A good yield is essential of course. After all, it remains a seasonal business, which is quite weather dependent."

As part of this, the focus for the coming year will continue to be on expanding the storage program with environmentally friendly packaging for soft fruit, asparagus and potatoes, Wegner reports. "Among other things, we are planning to expand our range with 125gr. trays. We are also planning to create a large punnet with higher sides for 750-1000gr. of produce."

Visit the company at the upcoming Interaspa at Central Tent 1.

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