"The Nigerian market became used to fresh foods on the table. Whether they are peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers, they want it fresh." Speaking is Tayo Ilori, managing director of Latc Agro LTD, in an interview with Wandie Kazeem of Wandieville Media.

Properly display
In a two-part interview he explains how they source their seeds and supplies in Nigeria and how they are keen to have good quality crops as it affects how it is displayed on the shelves of the high end supermarkets they supply to. "Our vision is to deliver farm fresh produce to retail and display them properly, like you see in Europe.” 

Higher yield
At his farm in Dobi Gwagwalada, consisting of over 250 hectares of farmland, he grows several products in the 2.25 Ha of greenhouse and 10Ha of open field. He says – although it comes with its own challenges – overtime they got more yield by producing in the greenhouse.

Below part 1 and part 2 of the interview.