In a 1000 m2 research greenhouse project of the King Saudi University in Saudi Arabia, the tomato yield reaches 62 kg per square meter and cucumber yield reaches 50 kg per square meter. “It is an amazing production yield for this kind of environment with high temperature and wide desert. Now we think greenhouse and hydroponics will help feed the country with more local agriculture products”, said Dr. Abdullah, the professor of College of Food and Science of KSU, after collecting yield data from the 2017/2018 grow season in this research greenhouse. This result is in accordance with Dr. Abdullah’s expectation, because they know how to manage the greenhouses after about 6 years of study in these greenhouses.

These two greenhouses were built by Beijing Kingpeng Corporation in the year 2012 which is a whole PC Arch Roof greenhouse built in Saudi Arabia. Last October, the Kingpeng team visited these two greenhouses for customer service and Dr. Abdullah shared their achievement of hydroponic management.

These two greenhouses were built for research of soilless cultivation methods. With PC sheet covering on the wall and roof, the whole greenhouse keeps a stable indoor environment, which makes it easier to control planting temperature and humidity. It includes a greenhouse cultivation system equipped with Priva control system and fertilizer machine, to achieve efficient utilization of water and fertilizer. After 6 years’ growing, the yield shows that getting a high yield production in the desert can be reality, and is not a dream.

In year 2017, Kingpeng and KSU signed an MOU for joint research and development on horticulture and agriculture facilities. For the next step, both parties will start new cooperation on NFT systems, an artificial light plant factory and solar energy utilization on greenhouse cultivation, etc.

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