JV Energy Solutions, located in Kingsville, Southern Ontario, Canada, is owned and operated by the Voshol Group. With over 20 years of greenhouse heating experience, JV Energy Solutions aims to promote sustainable energy in the greenhouse cultivation sector in North America.

Due to their large stock of European heating components, many clients have already found their way to the company's warehouse for pumps, mixing valves, various sizes of distribution lines, PVC tubes and fittings.

To ensure continuity and future expansion, Henry Friesen has seized the opportunity to take over 25% of the share package.

Henry Friesen is certainly not unknown to many as he has been working for JV Energy Solutions since 2010, and managing the company's team and heating projects in greenhouse horticulture since 2014.

This agreement will not entail any noticeable changes. Jan Voshol will remain just as active and the (technical) support will continue to take place from the Netherlands.

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