PB Techniek, supplier of electro- and water technology solutions, lighting and automation for the international horticulture sector, has acquired the horticultural activities of the Canadian company Armada Electrical Services Inc. The acquisition took place in October, with a transfer of shares via the Canadian subsidiary PB tec Canada Ltd.

CEO Koen Brabander explains: ‘’Efficiency and sustainability in food produce are very important nowadays, especially in horticulture. To guarantee food safety, we need to achieve more and bigger improvements in the worldwide food industry.

The production needs to grow and we need to set more goals to reduce the usage of resources such as water and electricity by setting high technical standards. We are able to take part in setting and realizing these goals by acquiring Armada Electric Services Inc. In a short period of time we will strengthen our position in North America. With this start we are able to expand our share in this dynamic market.’’

Armada Electrical Services CEO Rob Wiese adds: ‘’Thanks to the collaboration with PB Techniek in the horticultural sector, we are able to make important steps to further develop our company and employees.’’

The general, not horticultural related, activities are continued by Armada 1974 Ltd. The name of Armada Electrical Services Inc. has already been changed to PB tec Electrical Installations Ltd.

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