A grower in Kumlu, in the province of Ordu, a city located in northern Turkey, has started lettuce production with a hydroponic greenhouse. The grower learned about hydroponic production when he was visiting an exhibition last year, and after studying how he can set up such a production, he started growing lettuce this year in his greenhouse.

The grower set up his greenhouse on a 750 square meter area and he spent around 30,000 USD for this project. He is about to harvest the first produce after planting seeds 1.5 months ago.

The grower, Ismet Zeyrek, has planted 60,000 pieces of lettuce as his production target for the upcoming year, and he hopes to set up an example for other growers in the city with this first hydroponic greenhouse production in the city. Ismet Zeyrek also notes that he will be able to recover his whole investment within 2 years as he expects an annual revenue of 20,000 USD. The grower is planning to increase the production area and believes that this type of production represents a significant opportunity for growers in the region who earn their living mostly through hazelnut production.

Source: Milliyet