Vivai Milone's new BabyPlant range was created almost as a 'collateral effect' of its lab productions. MilShake is also being introduced to the nursery garden range: the famous milk shake container is combined with a sheet of paper with a flower mix that can be planted. The idea is to make people more aware of the sense of taking care of something and waiting for it to grow.   

"The project isn't just aimed at promoting sales, but also at promoting a philosophy. Due to the way our company is structured, in fact, we rarely reach final consumers as we usually deal with producers and traders. The BabyPlant project is therefore a way to reach people's houses," explains Emanuela Milona, agronomist and micro-propagation lab technician.

"The first tests were carried out in boxes or pots. They contain miniature fig or kiwi plants, for example, which are only 5-6 cm in boxes and 2 cm in pots. The idea came to us as I was preparing graduation favors for my sister."

"After that, we started getting requests for various events and decided to make more options available, also with different pots and accessories. Boxes are entirely customizable." Baby plants are perfect as a gift and can also be excellent placeholders.

MilShake: flower mixes are fun for adults and children alike
"We 'stole' the container of one of the most famous fast food chains and collaborated with a specialized company on a cellulose disk mixed in with flower seeds bearing the BabyPlant logo."

Once the flowers appear, MilShakes can be planted directly into the ground, as they are eco-friendly and melt with irrigation water. The lid is made of PLA, a type of plastic obtained from corn, so it is 100% eco-friendly.

"The objective is to promote the values of taking care of something and waiting for it to grow as the new generations are not really aware of them. It is not our core business, as the price is rather low, but we care about the values conveyed."  

The BabyPlant range aims at conveying the sense of agriculture. "Those who visit our company to purchase our products also see our lab and understand that agriculture does not mean just a tractor and a hoe, there is much more to it. We need to stress that this is a different type of agriculture, made of high-quality, skills, businesses and corporate responsibility."

The BabyPlant and MilShake ranges are currently available only at Vivai Milone. "We could distribute them elsewhere, but we would lose the message we are trying to convey."

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